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Top Traders in India 2024 (Top Investors & their Portfolios)

Top Traders in India 2024: The following article is a collection of facts that gives a picture of the top Indian traders in stock investments. It speaks about their investment strategies and earnings that can be a source of inspiration for beginners.

1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala:

Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a businessman and is the top trader often referred to as Warren Buffet of India Stock Markets.

He is considered to be the best day trader in India. To his record, his equities belong to different portfolios from different industries and are the best portfolios in the Indian daily markets. He has wide access to stocks and is popularly called a big bull. Known for his simplicity, he is quite a popular face among politicians, brokers, investors, and traders. He holds a worth of INR 23,000 crores. He has high popularity and is a big buzz in the media circles. 

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio

Interestingly, he holds a stock portfolio of a total of 39 stocks and the major holding is Titan Company Ltd, with shares worth INR 10,11.1 crores. Followed by Tata Motors Ltd, (INR I 805.9 crores). In addition, he also holds stocks in Fortis Healthcare, SAIL, Escort Ltd, Crisil Ltd, etc.

In the short-term portfolio growth, Mr. Jhunjhuwala realized a growth of 86.78 percent in the last year, while the long-term growth is about 137.41 percent from September 2016 to September 2021. He is acknowledged for a smartly diversified portfolio and is in almost every sector.

2. Radhakishan Damani

You would be shocked to know it is Mr. Damani who guided Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the real king of the Indian stock market. Being the wealthiest trader in India, he has a portfolio worth Rs. 202,200 crores at present. His selection of stocks depends on the long-term horizon.

Radhakishan Damani Portfolio

Radhakrishnan Damani is well known for his white clothes and often referred to as Mr. White, and White and has accumulated a wealth of INR 202,200 crores.

His portfolio contains Avenue Supermarts Ltd, leading hypermarket chains (INR 203,244.3 crores / 65 percent of stocks ), and VST Industries Ltd (32.3% worth / Rs.1,553.2 crores).

Mr. Radhakrishnan Damani has invested in 14 stocks of different companies, in India Cements Ltd (13 percent).

The portfolio made a startling growth of 89.56 percent, and in five years (9851 percent).

Experts say, his stock investments more importantly in the retail houses are his selection strategy and executed on a long-term horizon. 

3. Premji

Premji, the owner of Wipro, a leading IT sector, has a composition of four stocks and makes a major share investment in his company Wipro.

A small family venture transformed into a big IT corporate sector, has earned a net worth of INR 25,300.00 crores.

He is said to have made an investment of INR 2,65,701 crores. Premji’s investment is in Trend Ltd (INR 561 crores), Tube Investments of India Ltd (INR 467.5 crores), and Craftsman Automaton Lt (INR 49.2 crores).

Premji invests in technology stocks and uses simple selective investment strategies.

4. Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal is a successful businessman and is eager enough in providing value-oriented wealth management and financial advisory services in Patna, and spends time nurturing the next generation by giving motivational speeches, and is also TEDx Speaker.

Experts spot him as an aggressive investor and do small chunks of stocks in smaller sections. His performances have proven that through analysis discovers stocks with whopping returns.

Mukul Agarwal Portfolio

His portfolio attracted 47 stocks and made a higher investment in Intellects Designs Arena Ltd, with a net worth of INR 160.4 crores, and in Radico Khaitan Ltd investment of INR 150.8 crore.

Mukul Agarwal has made investments in multi-bagger stocks, such as Gati Ltd, Delta Corp, and PDS Multinational Fashion Ltd. In a year, a short-term investment portfolio has risen by 190.23 and a long-term portfolio rose by 130.43 percent.

5. Sunil Singhania

Sunil Singhania is the CIO of Reliance Mutual Fund and is the most favored one by stock investors, traders, etc.

Sunil Singhania’s Portfolio

He owns a portfolio worth INR 2248.00 and holds stocks in a total of 26 companies, and does participate in diversification activities.

He is equipped with famous stocks such as Paras Defence, Space Technologies Ltd, Acrysil Ltd, Route Mobile Ltd, Jindal Stainless Ltd, etc.

In short-term stock investments, the portfolio has grown by 260 percent, and the long-term investments have created a hype of 11004.55 percent in five years.

6. Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan has made major investments in financial stocks and if any investor shows an inclination towards it then following the Ashish portfolio tips is a good option.

He is a popular stock market investor, and a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the CEO of the Central Square Foundation and is instrumental in the formation of Ashoka University.

Ashwin Dhawan’s Portfolio

His portfolio covers 16 stocks and they are worth INR 1971 crores. He has stock investments in IDFC Ltd, Birlasoft Ltd, Equitas Holding Ltd, and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd ( INR 259.5 crores).

In one year, (short-term investment) the portfolio grew by 81.07 percent, and in the five years period, there was an increase of 651.38 percent. 

7. Ashish Kacholia

Ashish Kacholia is a low-value stock investor and makes an investment that provides good market returns.

He has a total of 27 stocks in his portfolio and some of the leading stocks held are VRL Logistics, NIIT Ltd, Poly Medicure Ltd, and Mastek Ltd.

His stocks are worth INR 1,549 crore and in five years his portfolio jumped from INR 493.00 crore to INR 1698.00 crore since 2016 which means it has risen to 250 percent.

In one year, the portfolio rose by 106.82 percent. His investments are in the field of software, industrial firms, etc, and can hold a good example for those planning for a strategic, diversified portfolio.

8. Anil Kumar Goel

Anil Kumar Goel holds 34 stocks in his portfolio, and his major investment is in the manufacturing sector.

His investments include Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd, Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd, Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd, Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd, Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd, KRGBL Ltd, and further invested in Samtex Fashions (INR 2.9 crore).

His stocks grew by 102.97 over a year and holds a total worth of INR 1366 crores (September 2021). His investment techniques can be a good lesson for those preferring diversified stocks and more importantly, manufacturing stocks.

9. Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai runs the Pabrai Fund house, and Dhandho Fund, and is called the king of the Share Market, is a leading stock investor.

He has a net worth of INR 1174 crore in stocks and his investment spread is in 3 stocks exclusively.

Mohnish Pabrai’s Portfolio

He makes a selective investment and his analysis of stocks can prove beneficial for those involved in the selective management of stocks.

His stock investments are in Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd (INR 428.8 crores), Rain Industries Ltd (INR 409.8 crores), and Sunteck Realty Ltd (INR 444.7 crores).

In a long-term investment, in five years, he could make enormously by 724 percent, and in short-term investment it was by 10.85 percent.

10. Akash Bhansali

Akash Bhansali is recognized for his interesting portfolios, and he has made investments in stocks related to construction, retail, and cement stocks. 

He made investments in stocks of IDFC Ltd (INR 184.5 crores), Welspun Corp Ltd, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, Greenlam Industries Ltd, and Arvind Fashions Ltd (INR 236.6 crores).

Akash Bhansali has invested in stocks worth INR 1,150 crores, and in a five-year period, the investment portfolio has touched 848.78 percent, and in one year it touched INR 34.29 percent.

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