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Upstox Hires three Senior Executives

Three Senior Executives Joined Upstox: Backed by Ratan Tata & Tiger Global

Ravi Kumar, Co-founder & CEO of Upstox in a press statement announced the induction of three senior executives in its operations in February 2022.

Upstox, a discount stock broker, backed by Ratan Tata and Tiger Global, is geared with a mission to improve the spread of its customer base.

Upstox Hires three Senior Executives

The article depicts the business performance in FY 2022-23, future projections of the company, and past experiences of the three senior executives.

In addition, you will come to know the key features of the Upstox app and the benefits a customer can obtain from it.

Another interesting feature of Upstox is the integration of the Upstox app with Whatsapp. You can obtain detailed info on the IPO and Future Public Offers, FPO, and also open a discount account through Whatsapp no: +91 9321261098.


  • To gear up the Upstox operations, Ratan Tata & Tiger Global backed Upstox, a financial investment platform concerned with stock market securities, have inducted three senior executives in the operational activity in February 2022.
  • The company’s top positions are occupied by Harish Narayanan as Chief Growth Officer, Jayant Chauhan as Senior Vice President-Finance, and Saurabh Agarwal as Vice President-New Initiatives. 

Profile of Three Senior Executive before Joining @Upstox

Harish Narayanan (Chief Marketing Officer) at Myntra, while Jayant Chauhan was Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Finance at OYO.

Saurabh Agarawal rendered services at Revolut India and has ample experience in several segments of the business venture. At Revolut India, he was in charge of capex and opex, product and business development.

In addition, Agarwal had involvement in hiring and license acquisition.  In past years, he worked for Deutsche Bank and Paytm in different capacities.

Ravi Kumar, Co-founder, and CEO, Upostox:

Ravi Kumar in a press statement said: He was confident with the members on board.

They ( new senior executives) will make a significant contribution to taking Upstox products and services to the next level.

Further, we together will fulfill equity participation across the nation.

Upstox Whatsapp Platform: Best Stock Market Services

Get direct access to Upstox Whatsapp number +91 9321261098 and you are requested to send ‘Hi’ to this registered number from your mobile number.

You can get easily connected to the company’s representative and continue over chat for your queries to be answered.

WhatsApp puts a direct question whether you need information on the yet to release IPO or want to initiate an account with the company (Upstox).

Apart from this, below are the key features of the Upstox app for you.

Key Features of the Upstox App:

  • Upstox discount broking and investment platform allows investors to seek services like demat opening account, and initial public offering ( IPOs through Whatsapp. This integrating functionality with WhatsApp aims to develop five-fold growth in IPO applications which is safe, secure, and simple.
  • You can subscribe to an IPO of your desired choice and Upstox shall support you through the application journey by providing end-to-end IPO applications over WhatsApp.
  • Clients can obtain informative services on Upstox in real time by operating tabs like Upstox Resources and Get Support. The tab content contains FAQs that can be accessed by clients with the click of a button.

Financial Projections of Upstox in FY 2022-23

  • Upstox attains a break-even in FY 2022-23 and is projected to make a 10 times jump in its customer base.
  • Currently, Upstox holds a customer base of 1 crore and expects to reach the projections of 10 crore in the upcoming 5-6 years.
  • The company’s operative revenue is up by 40 percent which is equivalent to INR 1,000 crore.
  • In the last quarter of the financial year 2022-23, the company earned a cash flow of INR 130 crore. 
  • Having a cash reserve of INR 1,000 crore, UPstrox is looking forward to improving the growth opportunities in organics and inorganics.

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