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Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio 2024

Vijay Kedia’s Investment Philosophy:

  • Vijay Kedia follows a simple investment philosophy called “SMILE“, S stands for Small, M stands for Medium, I stands for Management Experience, Large in Aspiration, and Extra-Large in market potential.
  • The company must be small, and the management must be medium-sized, having at least 20 years of experience. They must have ups and downs in their management operations and, at the same time have aspirations. To rise from regional to national and national to international.
  • His investment must be extra large in a market like fish in an ocean, and not crocodile in the pond.
  • Whenever Vijay Kedia changes a portfolio, he catches the leader of the industry before proceeding to trade. 

Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio 2024: 13 Significant Stocks Held by Vijay Kedia

Mr. Vijay Kedia holds about 13 stocks, and they are

  • Innovators Facade Systems Ltd (10.66%)
  • Repro India Ltd (7.08%), and
  • Vaibhav Global Ltd (1.95%).

In addition,

  • Elecon Engineering Company Ltd (1.94%)
  • Ramco Systems Ltd (1.44%), and
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd (1.44%). 


  • Talbros Automotive Components Ltd (1.31%)
  • Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd (1.24%)
  • Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd (1.07%)
  • Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd (1.02%)
  • Lykis Ltd (holding below 1%)
  • Cera Sanitaryware Ltd (holding below 1%)
  • Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd (12.25%).

2003 Milestone: Vijay Kedia’s Stocks

In 2003, during the bullish markets, he bought three stocks, Atul Auto, Cera Sanitaryware, and Agis Logistics.

In 2005, he bought about 10 percent of the Atul Auto stocks, and other stocks were Siyarams Silk Mills (1.1%), Atul Auto (20%), Elecon Engg (1.9%), Heritage Foods (1.1%), and Mahindra Holidays (1%).

2011 Milestone:

In 2011, the Atul Auto stocks declined and fell back to INR 5.00 from INR 220, and again he bought 10 percent preferential/ IP shot by INR 20-30 shares and those shares shot up to INR 1500.00 to INR 1600.00.

Reasons for Atul Autos Selection:

It was a period when Atul Autos were manufacturing 8000 to 10000 autos every quarter and the demand was to produce at least 25000 autos every three months. The targets were realistic and no matter if it took time they lasted in the markets.

Later, he bought Neuland Labs (1%), Sudarshan Chemicals (1.4%), Vaibhav Global (2%), Panasonic Energy (1.2%), and Innovators Facade (10.7%). Then, he bought Repro India (7%), Ramco Systems (1.4%), Tejas Networks (2.3%), and Talbros Auto (1.3%).

Vijay Kedia’s Investment in Technology Stocks

Tejas Networks Stocks:

During COVID-19, Mr. Vijay made a swinging bet on Tejas Networks, after observing for three years, he bought the first bet of stock for INR 400.00 in 2017, and the stock fell to INR 40.00.

As the company was making money in the telecom sector and was doing good in 2020, he bought 55 lakh shares when the company shares ended at INR 20.00, later it rose to INR 650.00 and today it is about INR 550.00 and he sold out 20 lakh shares. Two years ago, Tata came back and bought the company.

Important Note:

To buy these shares he observed the company management for 15 years, their predictions, deliveries, and the product they are into and the growth of the product.

In a nutshell, the past track record is the most essential.

Heavy Loss with IOCL:

The biggest loss was of about 3 lakh shares when the Stugard Lyod was owned by TATAs and sold to IOC in 2005, IOC was in infra from 2003 to 2008 but the company got delisted and he lost the entire money.

Vijay Kedia’s Personal Profile:

Born in Kolkata’s Bada Bazar, Vijay Kedia an investor of Kedia Securities currently Vijay Kedia holds 15 public stocks with a net worth of INR 700 cr. At the age of 14, Mr. Vijay Kedia began to do mock trading with his grandfather, a broker of the Calcutta stock exchange.

At 19, Kedia joined the Calcutta ring, lost money in trading, and for some time quit the stock exchange. Under his mother’s guidance, he began to Think Big.

He moved to Mumbai in 1990, before Harshad Mehta ignited the fire in the stock market Vijay Kedia put money in ACC.

Whenever there was a sector boom in the market, he would identify one stock in the market; it began when the technology sector rose in 2000.

Vijay Kedia learned the alphabet of investing from S.D Modi, a veteran investor in Calcutta.

He thinks that he is always learning in the stock market by employing big bets, and concentrated bets.

Vijay Kedia’s Opined Aviation & Hospitality

Vijay Kedia believes that the aviation sector and hospitality sectors shall boom in the markets provided the government softens price regulation policy.

By doing so, the airlines can improvise their margins. In the coming two to three years, the airlines can give better returns to customers on stocks, according to a personal evaluation from Vijay Kedia.

Vijay Kedia’s Advice to Startups

Vijay Kedia makes a long-term investment and in the volatile markets, you must have the patience to grow your business portfolio. Through the process, you must keep analyzing price variations and they should be analyzed when required to avoid losses.

According to Dr. Vijay Kedia, consumers must invest in companies that show transparency and maintain good management policies. An investor must read the company’s performances, and check for the fundamentals of the company.

Vijay Kedia thinks that you should have a source of income and never make an investment in stocks to make a living.

An active trader will have to be cautious in opposing market shifts. Investors make huge investments gaining large sums of money and with no permanent employment.

Keep Cool and Do a Balancing Act:

Stock fluctuations are a part of the stock exchange functioning, and you are expected not to overreact to positive market sentiments or negative markets. You need not worry about investing, you must be confident, good at calculations, and be decisive.

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