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Best Multi-bagger Penny Stocks To Watch Out For 2024

Best Multi-bagger Penny Stocks: Read Practical Examples of Multi-bagger Penny Stocks & Earn More Returns on Investments.

Stock markets provide you an opportunity to make huge capital appreciation by allowing you to make little investments in penny stocks.

Although it involves a high risk. Do you want to make huge money by investing in single-digit low-price penny shares? Yes of course, is it not? So, don’t skip your read as we approach you with practical examples of penny stocks and suggestions to opt for the right ones.

For instance,

You can get to know about SEL Manufacturing (Textile Company), a small capital company, which had their penny stocks @ INR 0.35 began to rally and reached INR 91.8 in just 3 months, thus rising by 26000 percent.

Imagine if you had invested about INR 10,000 in SEL manufacturing then you will have made INR 26 lakhs in just three months.

We are sure that such information will make you join the list of investors/traders to make huge profits by making small investments in penny stocks.   

Key Points:

  • In the first part, you will be exposed to snapshots and features of penny stocks. In addition, practical illustrations of penny stock companies just inspire you to purchase penny shares. 
  • In the second part, you will be shown a list of the penny stocks to build a penny stock portfolio.
  • By the end of the article, you will have the desire to go for the investment on the low price (single digit) penny stocks. Read important observations, never mind the high-risk factor, just follow the guidance.

Best Multi-bagger Penny Stocks To Watch Out For 2024

Snap Shots:

  1. Penny Stock with Share Price Less than INR 1:
    • Detailed information on the high-yield performers of penny stock companies such as SEL Manufacturing, and Alps Motor Finance. 
  2. Multibagger Penny Stocks move on for a stock split:
    • Multibagger Penny Stock whose price is below INR 20 goes for a stock split after the script gains I54 % YTD:  Square Four Projects India Ltd., a microcap firm.
  3. Good Signal to Buy Companies Penny Shares having Debt to equity ratio of zero:
    • Companies Must be sought for in penny stocks too. So, here are the practical examples that can be more comforting for an investment. They are, namely, Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd, Oswal Agro Mills Ltd, and Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi Ltd.

Best Penny Stocks Below 1 Rupee:

SEL Manufacturing

You may be surprised to notice the startling figures illustrated above, of SEL Manufacturing, a penny stock company that was once hit by severe bankruptcy.

The company reported a net loss during the first half of the current fiscal year.SEL Manufacturing, a Ludhiana-based company, operates in manufacturing textiles under various segments like cotton yarn, combed yarn, knitted fabrics, knitted garments, and terry towels.

Alps Motor Finance:

If you visualize companies like Alps Motor Finance then you will be astonished to notice that you can make 70 percent and it happened in 2022.

Multibagger Penny Stock Below Rs. 20/-

Square Four Projects India Ltd

  • Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, Square Four Projects India Ltd., is a microcap firm that holds a market capital of INR 19.95 crore.
  • Operating in the real estate sector has declared a stock split to make the company shares more accessible and increase the affordability for their shareholders.
  • On 20 July 2023, the company fixed the record date to subdivide the equity share from INR 10/- to INR 5/- in the stock exchange.
  • The stock made remarkable moves in the Bombay Stock Exchange, its all-time high was INR 22.09 (17/04/2023) and its 52-week low was INR 8.01 (26/12/2022). 
  • Through the last financial year, 2022-23, the stock price gained about 11.15 percent from INR 18.30 to INR 20.34 as of 11th July 2023.
  • According to the YTD basis, the stock price rose from INR 8.03 yielding a return of 153.30 percent in 2023.
  • In the span of six months, the multi-bagger return rose to 145.06 percent from INR 8.30. 
  • More interestingly, the stock has gone up by 33.29% in the previous month, and through the last five trading sessions, the stock value rose by 10.18 percent.

Good Signal to Buy Companies Penny Shares having Zero Debt to equity ratio:

Coral India Finance and Housing Ltd, Debt Free, a Multibagger Penny Stock

Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd (Real estate Industry) is listed under the penny stock category and its performance makes it a multi-bagger. The company belongs to the small-cap, and the market capitalization is INR 143 crore.

The company holds a record of having a debt-to-equity ratio equal to zero for five years which indicates the company is completely debt-free.

When compared with the previous trading sessions, on July 21, the share price is up by 0.14 percent and is at INR 35.65 per share.

In the financial year, FY23, the company had impressive growth in ROE (12.4 %), and ROCE (14.0 %) respectively. In FY 22-23, the revenue growth was 7 percent when compared with FY 21-22. The company’s year-on-year growth was INR 29 crore.

The net profit made significant progress from INR 17 crore in FY 21-22 to INR 18 crore in FY 22-23.

With such impressive performances, you should miss out on participating in trading, Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd, a multi-bagger penny stock.

Oswal Agro Mills Ltd, Debt Free, a Multibagger Penny Stock

Oswal Agro Mills Ltd is a small-cap company with a market capitalization of INR 386 that got listed under the penny stocks.

The company is immersed in conducting trades and developing real estate, does item trading, and invests its excess cash by issuing loans in the form of inter-corporate deposits.

The company shares trade at INR 28.80 per share.

In contrast to the previous trading session, the company share went down by 0.52 percent to INR 28.80.

The important parameters like Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Capital Employment (ROCE) touched 2.86 percent and 1.93 percent respectively.

The company made a good sale, it spiraled by 145 percent to 27 crore in FY 22-23 and the net profit rose by 350 percent to 9 crore.

With such a progressive growth in the performance of the stocks, you can think it about buying these penny stocks.

Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi Ltd, Debt free, a Multibagger Penny Stocks

Jullundur Motor Agency Delhi Ltd is one of the leading vehicle spare parts distribution firms, the company has attained expertise in trading and entertains the distribution channel of vehicle parts, accessories, and gasoline supplies.

On July 21, 2023, the price per share was INR 71.80 and in fact, went down by 1.31 percent from the previous session.

The significant elements that infuse you to opt for Jullundur Motor Agency shares are the following upswing figures.

First, the company is a completely debt-free multi-bagger penny stock that represents a loan-free firm. Something you can think of to purchase it.

Second, in FY23, the company’s ROE/ROCE is 13.21/17.65 and the revenue rose by 15 percent to 503 crores in reference to the previous year FY22. Meanwhile, the net profit weighed by 12 percent to INR 27 crore.

Features of Penny Stocks:

Penny stocks begin with a single-digit low price, less than INR 10 and with this feature made available, you can buy more penny shares with a small capital investment.

Penny stocks yield huge capital appreciation on selecting the companies that hold good market fundamentals over the long term. 

Penny stocks are high-risk investments and you are advised to approach it with caution. Hence, experts suggest you do detailed research before investing in penny stocks.  

Best Companies Where You Can Buy Stocks in May 2024

Providing suggestions for purchase of the upcoming well-to-do penny stocks in the year ahead, 2024-25 for you. 

Name of CompanyCurrent Market Price CMP52-Week HighAnnual Range
Vodafone Idea INR 7.25INR 10.10 INR 5.70 – INR 10.10
Orient Green Power CompanyINR 10.75INR 13.25INR 7.70 – INR 13.25
Reliance PowerINR 15.15INR 25INR 9.05 – INR 25
Suzlon Energy LtdINR 17.60INR 18.55INR 5.42 to INR 18.55
Indian Railway Finance CorpINR 32.50INR 32.50INR 19.55 – INR 37.40
PC JewellerINR 35.80INR 105.50INR 21.30 – INR 105.50

List of the best penny stocks under Rs. 1:

List of the Penny Stocks Below INR 1 @NSE as of April 20, 2024

Name of CompanyCurrent Market Price (CMP)Market Capital in CroresYear Range
Excel Realty N Infra Ltd0.4049.4INR 0.20 – INR 1.00      
Gayatri Highways Ltd0.7515.9INR 0.50 – INR 1.25      
Rollatainers0.9523.7INR 0.85 – INR 2.60      

List of the Penny stocks below INR 1 @BSE as of March 30, 2024

Name of CompanyCurrent Market Price CMRMarket Capital in CrorePrice Range
NCL Research and Financial Services Ltd0.3941.7INR 0.35 – INR 1.49      
Yamini Investments Company Ltd0.5830.5INR 0.54 – INR 2.02
ARC Finance0.6331.8INR 0.60 – INR 3.32
Sun Retail          0.6710.7INR 0.41 – INR 1.27      
ACI Infocom Ltd       0.717.8 INR 0.66 – INR 2.62
Visagar Financial Services Ltd0.7443.2INR 0.61 – INR 1.49
Ramchandra Leasing and Finance Ltd 0.86       4INR 0.81 – INR 4.06       BSE

Benefits of Investing in Penny Stocks Below INR 1

You shall benefit from penny stocks below INR 1 as these stocks get multiplied quite easily.

If you happen to purchase 100 stocks for 0.5 percent per share and the sector projects a positive slide by 90 percent then the investment value reaches INR 4500 from INR 50. And, equally a negative slide ie a fall in the share price can cause a huge loss.

Hence, you need to get prepared for a calculated risk.

Important Observations:

The stock markets rallied very high during covid-19 and strangely several smallcap, midcap, and large-cap peers had spiraled. However, experts say that you must be calculative and be ready to take risks.

The stock markets are highly volatile, before considering a penny stock you must analyze the chosen company’s revenue model. In addition, you check for the sustainability of the business operations.

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